Hello my name Johnson Wilson, i have 17old year, i am from Benin in Africa. My parent is farmer, i am a studend at secondary school in Mosebol Software. I need your help, i want to continue my school sturdy but i dont have much money to continued, so i decide to tell you and ask for your help, i mean i want you to help me for Gods sake, i promiss and i sweer by Gods Jehovah i am not a scammer, i am a human being, i am a true person, i mean i am not lying, please brother, sister, mother and father, i realy need all of you help. I am very poor and our familly is very poor too. I just need $800 but even if it is $600 i will be glad because i have to pay my school sturdy and continued my education, i hope you are untherstand me. Please i will be glad that you will help me with it to pay my school sturdy, i will waiting for you to reply me me back. But i know by God grace, you who have to help me and who dont have to help me, all of you will be blessing and live long. Please if you want to help me, or to know more about me, contact me via: johnsonwilson13@ gmail.com or call me via: +22961634875. GOD will help you to help me. Thank you.


Hello everyone!!!


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